The elder statesmen of the group (Darrel and Joe) actually began playing the Norman music scene back in the 1970s, when they all had more hair and less weight. Of course, when they sobered up and realized they were married, their wives made them give up life on the road and get real jobs. 25 years later, they figured it was safe to pick up their instruments again and giv'er another run. They reunited, found a young buck with energy, Garth Brooks' chin and an $8 haircut - and they were off to the races. In 2012, Joe decided to once again spend more time with the missus, and so we asked asked veteran bassist Gary Gerhart to join in the fun.
TJ Wesnidge

TJ Wesnidge - Mandolin & Lead Vocals

Hailing from Blanchard, OK, TJ handles most of the vocals for the band (because he can remember most of the words), and is the semi-official spokesman for the group (elected in absentia one evening).


Doug Stafford

Doug Stafford - Guitar & Vocals

Doug sings tenor and baritone on most things, lead on some others, and bass in the shower. Although cursed with a music degree in opera, the guys don't hold it against him. He's finishing up his mail-order course "Teach Yourself Guitar in 30 Short Years" - we just hope some of it sticks.

Darrell Carender

Darrel Carender - Banjo & Reluctant Vocals

Darrel, in addition to being a right-fine banjo picker, is an excellent crafter of guitars, mandolins, dobros, bass fiddles, and naturally, banjos. Look for the numerous examples of 'Ridge' instruments that grace our stage, and you'll know a big reason why we sound so darn good. Look at the picture, and you'll know why Darrel always wears a hat.


Joe Peach

Gary Gerhart - Bass and Tenor Vocals

After playing jazz, blues, rock and country, this Tulsa bass player has decided to throw his lot in with us. He's singing high tenor and playing upright bass, and definitely adds a lot to the new improved Mule.




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